Saturday, 28 October 2017

A Successful Ayurveda Event NSW Sydney Glimpse

A Complete Holistic Bliss

486 Parramatta Rd, Petersham 2049
Ph 02 9572 6990
Nature Care Ayurveda would like to say THANK YOU to all the dignitaries, Consulate General of India, Consul (Commercial) Mr Chandru Appar
Counselor Parramatta Mr Sameer Pandey,
Chief guests and our speakers for evening Dr Shaun Mathews, Dr Raj Kumar Sharma,
Farida S Irani- Director Subtle Energies
Media partners (Indian Link, Desi Australia), Harmohan Walia, Vivek Tiwari, 
President AAA (Australasian association of Ayurveda) Dr Santosh Kumar Yadav-Melbourne, AAA Representative NSW Dr Naveen Shukla,
Sydney Sanskrit School
 all AAA team and our valuable guests and friends of Nature Care Ayurveda- Neelam, Kanchan, Pankaj, Avanti, Deepak & all.

God doesn’t give us what we can handle, God helps us handle what we are given.

It was really a very informative evening with lots of knowledge exchange from the pioneers in the Industry. 

Every civilization in the World has their own traditional medical systems but Ayurveda is said to be as old as the Universe itself. Ever since the man started the journey of evolution with the mental and intellectual development man started understanding nature and how it works on humans to stay healthy. 

Ayurveda believes that governing principle in Nature governs our body too. Body- Mind and Soul they are like three tripods and combination called Purusha (Human)- THE SUBJECT MATTER OF AYURVEDA.

The Goal of Ayurveda is to prevent illness and promote health in mankind. The great rishis (Seers) studied and explained the effects of all part of plants, minerals etc  on human body to attribute this knowledge for the benefit of mankind also to complete the goal of Ayurveda.

Here are some glimpse of the beautiful priceless evening.

Welcome Note

                Lord Dhanvantari Mantra chanting by students of Sanskrit School Sydney

Consul Commercial Mr Chandru Appar & Farida S Irani-Director Subtle Energies 

    AAA President Dr Santosh appreciation token to NSW representative Dr Naveen Shukla

 Display of Herbs  

  Dr Raj Kumar Sharma (International Speaker)

AAA president Dr Santosh appreciation token to  Dr Vishal Sharma (Nature Care Ayurveda)

Mr Sameer Pandey (Counselor Parramatta NSW)

Consul Commercial Mr Chandru Appar appreciation token to AAA President Dr Santosh 

                                                                  Dr Shaun Mathew 

          Kanchan & Pankaj with Dr Naveen Shukla, Dr Shaun Mathew & Dr Vishal Sharma

Avanti (Psychologist- My Prana Portal) & her friend with Dr Vishal Sharma

                   Deepak Sharma with Dr Vishal, Dr Naveen, Dr Shaun & Dr Gaurav

                  Mr Chandru Appar (Consul Commercial- Consulate General of India Sydney)

              Dr Naveen Shukla with Dr Priya, Dr Taruna and Dr Anisha

     Dr Shaun Mathew (Guest Speaker NSW)                              

 Dr Vishal, Dr Santosh, Dr Naveen, Dr Shaun, Consul Mr Chandru & Dr Raj Kumar Sharma
486 Parramatta Rd Petersham 2049
Ph 02 9572 6990

Sarve Santu Niramaya

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